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- a Notary Public based in South Warwickshire, within easy reach of the county town of    Warwick, Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon, Coventry, Rugby and Solihull.


- able to act as a Notary throughout England and Wales.


- a member of the Notaries Society (the


- a solicitor and partner in the firm Johns Gilbert & Frankton LLP ( in Rugby.


As a solicitor and Notary Public, I frequently travel within Warwickshire and the West Midlands in the course of my work.


Time can be an important consideration for private individuals or businesses with documents needing notarisation. By prior arrangement, I can travel to you outside normal office hours to minimise your downtime.


These are examples of the types of service I provide -


  •  Certifying copies of academic qualifications

  •  Certifying copies of passports and other documents

  •  Attesting powers of attorney and other documents for use in countries throughout the                         world

  •  Sponsorship documents

  •  Affidavits confirming freedom to marry (often required to marry abroad)

  •  Documents for foreign adoption applications

  •  Attesting the signature and execution of documents

  •  Authenticating the execution of documents

  •  Authenticating the signing of an acknowledgment for use in the United States of  America

  •  Applying for legalisation of documents at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (sometimes called ‘obtaining an apostille') and for legalisation when necessary from the relevant embassy

  •  Administering oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations for foreign jurisdictions

  •  Other documents for use overseas which require authentication

  •  Providing Notarised copies

  •  Taking evidence in England and Wales (often referred to as depositions) for use in foreign courts


In the following pages, you will find


  • General information about Notaries


  • Details of what Notaries do


  • Details of what I will need from you


  • Details of my Terms of Business

For any more information, and a fixed quotation for the notarial services you require, please call the number provided, e-mail me  or go to the Contact Page.




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